INSC 71020, Six Sigma Green Belt for Managers


This course builds upon concepts and methods from other MBA courses and supplements these to complete the requirements for a Six Sigma Green Belt certification.  Topics include the Six Sigma process (DMAIC), process improvement tools, statistical process control, process capability measures, and management of improvement projects.  Students will apply their skills to an improvement project in industry (a typical requirement for any Green Belt certification).  Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Green Belt Certification from the Neeley School.  Students should also be sufficiently equipped to gain a similar certification from any other source.


        Understand the essentials of Six Sigma.

        Understand the role and benefits of Six Sigma in process improvement.

        Learn the vocabulary of Six Sigma.

        Gain a high-level understanding of Six Sigma methods and tools at each stage of the DMAIC process.

        Apply statistical methods to analyze process performance and change.

        Apply appropriate Six Sigma tools and techniques to improve operations.


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